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KIROPLAST company started its operation initially in church type candles manufacturing. The continuous ongoing candles sales as also their use in many life’s occasions put them on the map and toned up their consumption in every Greek household.
In this way, KIROPLAST further expanded its activity in other applications such as decorative, paschal, aromatic, anti-smoke, wedding, christening/baptism, anti-mosquito candles etc strenuously pursuing a quality regime at the best prices.
The constant control of its products, their exceptional quality, reliability and consistency in our clients service, competitive prices established KIROPLAST as one of the most popular companies in candles manufacturing, not only in Greece but also abroad, in Europe and non-EU countries where it develops exporting activities.
The consumer can actually find the product at any sale spot (supermarkets, products for domestic use, gift shops, haberdashery, general stores etc ).
We would like to thank all of you – our partners – for the complete long standing trust you show to the company and our products and welcome all our future partners too. Our motto is harmonic partnership and pioneering.

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